Mary Frances Hershiser

Foley, AL
I’m a self-taught artist and did not begin until rather late in life. I most often paint non-objective abstracts intuitively, not from a set plan or sketch. When the colors begin to flow, the painting emerges. I draw inspiration from the beauty of the gulf coast area where I reside and find that painting coastal salt marshes and beaches is a favorite subject matter. I also paint whimsical florals, nudes, and geometric abstracts which do require layout, planning and sketching. My work is often composed of a mixture of media such as acrylics, oil sticks, oils, charcoal and oil pastels. At times, I incorporate papers into my more whimsical styles and create collages. I also coat some of my pieces with a clear, high gloss, epoxy resin. My belief is that art should speak to your soul and make your heart sing. Creating art has given me incredible joy, and I will always cherish the satisfaction of making a client happy with the creation of art for their home.
Commission Art from Mary Frances Hershiser
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Figures and Nudes
Approx $350
Quiet moment Sitting in Sunlght French Braid She Owns the Night
Approx $300
Beach Music I and II Let Them Eat Cake Heirloom Pumpkin Dipsy Daisy
Abstracts II
Approx $400
Neutral Study with resin Coating Fade Strawberry Sundae Blue Lagoon
Whimsical Florals
Approx $300
Purple Botanical Belle Southern Lady On a Whim Collage
Approx $500
Limitless Amsterdam Child’s Play Lucy in the Sky
Coastal seascapes and marshes
Approx $350
Coastal Diptych Green Coastal Diptych Tidal Triptych