Mac Worthington

Ostrander, OH
Internationally recognized and locally renowned, Mac Worthington has long attracted a select and international circle of collectors. Each piece reflects his desire for a unique style of expressionism and contemporary consciousness. Born and raised in Canton, Ohio also known as “Little Chicago”, Mac was privileged to be molded around a family of artists. His father John “Jack” Worthington was a local artist, well-known for this bronze sculptures, specifically busts for movie stars and sports figures included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame located in Canton, Ohio. His mother Marion Worthington was skilled in enameling and silver work. The combination of creative talent and environment made him destined for artistic success. Serving in the jungles of Vietnam at the age of nineteen Mac interpreted the indescribable feelings of war into powerful expressions of art. He attributes additional creativeness to influences of the 60’s era. Going back to his roots he entered the world of heavy metal. Teaching himself to weld he used steel and iron to create massive, grandiose outdoor sculptures. Becoming more skilled with his mediums, he discovered the versatile use of high tech aluminum. This skill has transpired Mac into becoming part of a rare cultural elitism. His commanding presence in the art world has gained him unyielding exposure and well deserved respect. Both sculptures and paintings, his art looks nothing like we already know. This artist has pushed the envelope into a new league of contemporary radical abstract art. Mac commands a global presence. His work spans the United States, as well as Canada, England, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Germany. His award winning gallery is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio and his sculpture park is located at his private estate nestled in rural Delaware County. Mac's gallery showcase is located at 138 N.High St, downtown Columbus, Ohio
Commission Art from Mac Worthington
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The Urban Sprawls Collection: Expressionistic City Scapes
Approx $800
"Urban Ghetto" custom sommissions accepted "Cold Morning Dawn" custom sommissions accepted "big whiskey, wyoming" custom sommissions accepted "Desert Village" custom sommissions accepted