How does commissioning with PatronArt work?

1. Submit Request

Tell us about the painting you have in mind.

2. Select Artist

Request free quotes from hundreds of artists.

3. Consider Bids

Review your quotes from artists.

4. Discuss Details

Share ideas on your vision with your artist.

5. Secure Payment

Your payment is held until you are satisfied.

6. Receive Art

Your masterpiece will be delivered to your door.

Endorsements of our personalized approach

PatronArt testimonial image
On vacation, we took a photo we loved and wanted to frame, but it turned out blurry. Our artist recreated the scene in a gorgeous painting that is now hanging in our bedroom!
- Er Wynn & Caelynn
PatronArt testimonial image
PatronArt made the process of creating my commission quick and easy. My artist, Kira, created perfect gifts for members of my family that are sure to be family heirlooms!
- Jeffrey
PatronArt testimonial image
I was never able to get a picture of me proposing to my wife so I wanted to get it painted. Using a picture of where it happened and a description, our artist was able to recreate it perfectly!
- Mac
PatronArt testimonial image
Both [PatronArt curator] Ralph and the artist, Elizabeth, were very friendly and open to whatever ideas I offered ... Elizabeth got Rufus perfectly right the first time.
- Tyler
PatronArt testimonial image
I got the painting for my friend and it’s beautiful. Exactly what I wanted! [My friend] cried with happy tears when she saw it! Thank you again for all your help!!
- Elizabeth
PatronArt testimonial image
I opened a new boutique but the space wasn't complete. I needed artwork and commissioned a piece through PatronArt. I also hung other pieces up as part of a gallery!
- Tiché