Gail Kelley

Columbus, OH
A graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design, Gail Kelley's artistic focus became dog portraits after being given the idea by a friend, the owner of a doggy daycare. While she's worked in many mediums, she finds the most comfort working with oils, and has shown her art as far away as Japan. "My intent is to find the one look that any owner knows their dog/pet by, it’s the look that binds them as partners. Many people comment about the eyes, and I do work the eyes first. If the eyes are right, the rest of the work just falls into place."
Commission Art from Gail Kelley
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Half human / half pet
Approx $800
Gail and Bella John and Bogart Gail and Bella John and Bogart
Approx $380
louie's eyes, not for sale, just a peek Maura's eyes, just a peek at a painting peek at a painting's eyes Mocha's eyes
Commissions: oil on canvas
Approx $350
Charlie, commissioned oil on canvas Best Friends, commissioned oil on canvas Ben, commissioned oil on canvas Rudy, commissioned oil on canvas