Fiona Craig

Chicago, IL
I have been painting and drawing since early childhood. I grew up in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage listed site. This natural environment greatly influenced my art making, as can be seen by my landscapes and floral paintings. I am interested in depicting my personal view of and connection with the natural world, whether in nature preserves or gardens. I developed my own style over time, initially encouraged to make artworks at home by my parents, Alison Craig (a fibre artist and non-academic art teacher of children) and Allan Craig (an architect and potter). I was further encouraged by achieving art awards along the way, and by mentors and academic art teachers. Oil paint is usually my medium of choice, but I also love working in pastels or watercolours. My mixed media works usually comprise watercolours and pastels. My artworks are painted in a contemporary realism style, with some imaginative innovations and painterly, layered and wet-in wet brushstroke techniques. The oil paintings are often large, depicting huge, close-up flowers. I am intrigued by the history and language of flowers, which is why I call some of my series 'Tulipomania' and 'Orchid Fever'. I enjoy painting the natural environment and garden flowers. Landscapes throughout distinct seasons are also very inspirational. As well as being moved by my artistic interpretations, I hope my art audience is stirred to find nature as awe-inspiring as I do! I have had many solo exhibitions (see 'Gallery Representation), participated in group shows and completed commissions. After a break of some years, I have returned to portrait painting. You will see some portraits here in my online gallery that are not for sale, but provide examples of my style for those who are considering commissioning a portrait by me. I hope you will enjoy my gallery, and find or confidently commission something just right for your home or business!
Commission Art from Fiona Craig
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Floral Commissions
Approx $500
Tulipomania 7: Pink and Yellow Parrots Pink Waratahs, Flannel Flowers and Kangaroo Paws Antique White Peonies The Wedding Bouquet
Custom Portraits
Approx $1200
Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Lady in Blue Girl in a Pink Scarf Eleanor Thomlinson with Roses and Lilies