PatronArt FAQ

Artist FAQ

  1. What is your commission fee?

    22% for every successful transaction.

  2. I already have my own website or online exhibit. Why should I exhibit on PatronArt?

    Having your own website is great, but getting traffic to it can be a challenge. As an independent artist, it can be difficult to optimize your website for search engines like Google. PatronArt provides an easily searchable community of artists that provides a one stop shop for art lovers and people looking to commission artwork. Within this community, your artwork will have greater visibility and a better chance of being discovered.

    PatronArt also provides an easy payment service for commissions. We collect 100% of the payment up front to protect our artists from losing money, either due to a customer disappearing or refusing to pay after receiving the completed artwork. Logistics support, customer support, general advice and discounted UPS shipping are just a few other ways PatronArt helps serve its art community.

  3. If I put my work on PatronArt, can I exhibit elsewhere?

    Yes! We highly encourage you to continue exhibiting your work and seek opportunities to share your work with the world. Our goal is to help you as an artist, and we do not want to impose uncomfortable restrictions. We only ask that you are proactive in updating your inventory and take down pieces that are no longer available for sale.

  4. How much does it cost to apply and have a page with PatronArt?

    It is free to sign up, with no monthly fees. PatronArt believes in supporting its artists and only charges a 22% fee upon each successful sale or commission.

  5. How do I apply for an account?

    Please visit for the sign-up application and more information.

  6. Who retains the copyright of work posted and sold on PatronArt?

    The artist retains full copyright for their work. However, posting an image on PatronArt gives us the license to use it in our marketing and on our social media to promote our artists’ work and the community. We will be mindful and respectful of the way we use an artists’ work and promise to reach out before using it in a way that does not directly benefit the artist (e.g., using a piece as a button on the homepage).

  7. How are you marketing my art?

    We run targeted Facebook and Google ads that expose our community as a whole to different types of niche interests and art lovers. We also work with SEO and Adword experts to capture online traffic that is already seeking compelling art and is motivated to reach out to relevant artists for artwork and custom art services (this is why it is important to tag and label your artwork so that the right audience can find it).

    Additionally, we maintain multiple social media channels that engage our viewers and showcase the artwork and stories of PatronArt's artists. We aim to leverage the power of community to bring art to the public eye. Features like shareable links, personalized URLs, and social media collaborations allow our artists to connect their own network to the site, creating a sense of discoverability and excitement that will keep art lovers coming back to see what's new.

    By presenting a vibrant and growing art community, each artist benefits from larger scale marketing efforts that they would otherwise not have access to. We are constantly looking into and innovating new ways to bridge the gap between the art world and the public. As a member of PatronArt, you will be informed of any opportunities and upcoming marketing activities to get your art out there.

  8. How does pricing work for art and commissions?

    You set the asking price for pieces and commissions based on their cost of materials, the potential cost of shipping, amount of time the piece will take, and the nature of the work. We suggest trying to price what you consider reasonable for your work. For help with pricing suggestions please email our helpful staff.

  9. Who pays for shipping?

    You, as the artist, pays for shipping. We recommend including shipping costs in the prices of your art. Please reach out to PatronArt for help calculating shipping costs. PatronArt gets a bulk discount from UPS and offers artists discounted shipping options.

  10. Do I keep the physical art until it is sold?

    Yes, you keep the art and will receive an email and shipping instructions once it is sold. We require shipment within 7 days of notification of sale and will follow up with you to guide you through the process.

  11. Does PatronArt help with payment?

    Yes, PatronArt provides a payment service that allows customers to pay immediately for your artwork. You will be able to connect your bank account to your PatronArt account and receive payment directly.

  12. How do I know when my artwork is sold?

    You will receive an email asking you to verify that the piece is still available and to accept payment. Once you do that, PatronArt will receive payment on your behalf from the buyer and release it to you once they have received the artwork and are satisfied.

  13. What do I do once my artwork sells?

    First of all, congratulations! PatronArt will be working closely with you to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. You will receive an email asking you to accept the funds from the buyer. You can order a discounted shipping label from PatronArt with the buyer’s details on it. Bring the shipping label and artwork to your nearest UPS store and they will package and ship it for you.

  14. When and how do I get paid for sold artwork?

    After you verify the purchased painting is still available, PatronArt will process the payment. We will then work with you to ship your painting to the customer. You will receive the funds in the bank account you have connected to your PatronArt account within 21 days of the customer receiving your artwork.

  15. What is PatronArt’s return policy?

    1. Premade Artwork:
      There is a 14 day satisfaction period once the customer receives the artwork. During this period, the customer can return the painting for a full refund. In those rare cases of return, your painting will be sent back to you and PatronArt will cover the shipping. Damaged paintings will not be accepted for returns.

    2. Commissioned Artwork:
      PatronArt does not allow returns on commissioned custom work. However, we do allow the customer to ship the painting back for additional tweaks within a 14 day period. In return cases, either PatronArt or the customer will pay for the shipping to and from the artist.

  16. What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?

    We encourage our artists to bring their artwork to UPS for packaging to ensure that their painting is safely boxed and padded. Each issue will be dealt with on a case by case basis, depending on when the damage occurred and how extensive the damage is. For your protection, remember to take a photo of the artwork before you ship it!

  17. Should I frame my artwork?

    Although our customers generally prefer to pick their own frames, you can choose whether to pre-frame the art or not. If in doubt, call our curators at 614-390-2210

  18. How does your commission process work?

    Our commissions process guides the buyer through a list of questions and prompts in order to provide enough information for the artist to work effectively on their custom request. The artists will receive and browse these commission tickets. They can offer to take on a commission by sending a proposal detailing what how they will go about the job. The approved artist and buyer will communicate directly until both parties are comfortable moving forward. The buyer will then pay the full amount for the commissioned work. PatronArt will hold the payment until the buyer has received their requested artwork before it is released to the artist.

  19. What kinds of commissions should I offer?

    We recommend offering commissions in a specific category in which you feel experienced and confident in reliably producing. Commissions require both skill in a specific medium, and familiarity with the subject matter. Our general categories are People, Pets, Places, Abstract, Different, but you are welcome to have your own type of offering!

  20. What should I ask for when people commission my work?

    Our commissions process will cover most basic questions that need to be asked like medium, price, style, subjects, etc, leaving you and the buyer to only discuss their expectations and the story behind the custom request.

  21. What if a buyer doesn’t have a reference photo for a commission?

    You will be able to talk with the buyer during the negotiation process and ask for more details to determine exactly what they are looking for. If they can’t provide a reference photo, you can communicate to them that the final result might look slightly different from what they are thinking. During the creation process, you will be able to check in with the buyer to ensure they are satisfied with the direction you are going.

  22. What if I need to cancel a commission?

    1. Before Payment:
      If you cancel during initial communications or anytime before payment is made, we will inform the customer that you are unable to take on the commission.

    2. After Payment:
      If you cancel after payment has been received, the customer will get a full refund. In this event, we strongly encourage you to politely explain your reasons for canceling with the customer directly. Their feedback on the overall experience will be collected.

  23. What happens if I can’t deliver my artwork on time.

    Contact customer service at 614-390-2210 or before the agreed upon deadline. If PatronArt has been contacted in a timely manner we will relay the information to the customer. The customer can then agree to an extension, and the deadline will be adjusted. The kill fee remains based on the original deadline. If you miss the deadline and the requested artwork has not been shipped, the payment will be forfeited and returned to the customer and your expenses will not be covered.

    In the event of extenuating circumstances, you may appeal using the contact information above.

  24. What if a customer cancels the commission while it is in progress?

    We deduct the cost of materials used and then apply a time based kill fee based on the % of time passed. Example: For a 30 day commission that is cancelled after 3 days have passed, cost of materials and from the remaining amount 10% will be deducted and passed on to you, the artist. The remaining payment is refunded to the customer. We have plans to improve this system in the future, but this is the most straightforward way to protect you for now.

  25. Where is PatronArt based?

    PatronArt is based in Columbus, Ohio, but features artists from all across the United States.

  26. Can artists outside the US apply?

    PatronArt currently does not allow artists living internationally on to our site, but we hope to branch out soon so stay tuned!

  27. How many artists are on the site?

    As of April 10th 2018, we currently host 360 individual artists. We are conservative growing our community to ensure that we are providing all the artists in our community with consistent opportunities.

  28. What kinds of artists is PatronArt looking for?

    PatronArt is looking for independent emerging artists, with a bias towards traditional hand painted/illustrated art. We are currently unable to accept many applicants in mediums of art like pottery and sculpture. We are working on expanding our service to cater to as many independent art styles as possible.

  29. How safe is PatronArt?

    PatronArt works with top-level developers and security specialists to ensure that its information and data is fully encrypted and protected. PatronArt proudly displays the Norton/Symantec Security Seal and all transactions are covered by the Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Buyer FAQ

  1. When commissioning artwork, what kind of contact will I have with the artist and PatronArt?

    PatronArt has an accessible questionnaire that will guide you through the process of creating a commission request. PatronArt will then match you with appropriate artists who may be interested in taking on your commission. You will be able to consider different artists, styles, and price points, and will also be able to discuss your vision with these artists before deciding which one you want to work with.

    As the artist works on your commission, they will provide you with updates and request feedback from you to ensure the final result matches your vision. PatronArt will be available to guide you every step of the way to ensure you have a creative, fun and stress-free experience communicating your story and desires to our artists.

  2. When commissioning an artwork, can I have the artist work from a photo? What if I don't have a photo for them to work from?

    Photographs are the best reference material when commissioning a piece of artwork. Even if you don’t have an exact photo of what you want, photos that give the artist an idea of what you are thinking are incredibly helpful. However, if you don't have a photo, no need to worry! You will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the artist during the commission process to describe exactly what you are looking for.

  3. Does PatronArt have Free Shipping?

    There are no additional shipping costs. The price you see is the price you pay.

  4. Will I really pay 100% up front for a piece?

    Yes. As an institution with numerous artists and patrons buying and selling, PatronArt works hard to maintain its reputation for sincerity, trustworthiness, and excellent customer service. Full upfront payment allows us to ensure quality and safety for both the artist and buyer.

  5. How do I track my shipment

    After the artist has shipped your work, we will provide you with a tracking number so you can see updates on the status of your purchase.

  6. Will the artwork include the artist’s signature?

    We encourage all of our artists to sign their work. If the signature does not appear to be on the piece in the online photo, it may be signed on the back or another place the photo does not show. Ultimately, signing work is entirely up to the artist’s discretion, and while we can only request for them to sign a work before purchase, we do provide a Certificate of Authenticity from PatronArt with a description of the work and verification of its authenticity.

  7. Can I get one-on-one help?

    Our experienced curators will be there to help you through every step of the process to either ensure your vision becomes a masterpiece or you find the right piece for you! For help, please feel free to email us at

  8. Will purchased art be ready to hang?

    When buying work it is best to review the description of the work first and look for keywords to indicate the way the work is displayed. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at and we can contact an artist for more information about a piece.

    Common canvas keywords:

    1. Stretched Canvas:
      Typically oil and acrylic paintings will be stretched over an internal wooden frame. Sometimes hooks or wire will already be attached to the frame; however, if they are not the canvas can still easily hung.

    2. Mounted:
      Typically this means a work has been attached to a board or glass and will need to be framed unless otherwise stated by the artist.

    3. Large/Oversized:
      If a canvas is too large, it will sometimes be rolled up for shipping to reduce costs and potential damage. Upon delivery, the piece will need to be unrolled and re-stretched on a frame upon before it can be hung.

  9. How long will it take to receive my artwork?

    1. Pre-made artwork:
      Can be expected within 14 days after purchase.

    2. Commissioned artwork:
      Creation time for an original work of art in any medium varies greatly from artist to artist. Generally, work done in oil and acrylic will take the longest, while watercolor, pencil, and charcoal can be quicker. Commissions can take anywhere from a few days to weeks and ultimately depend on the artist, medium, and level of detail. During the commission process, you will be able to discuss with the artist the working time they estimate your piece will take.

  10. Can I return a work after I have received it?

    1. Pre-made artwork:
      For all existing paintings sold on PatronArt, there is a 14 day satisfaction period once you receive the artwork. During this period, you can return the painting for a full refund. In the rare cases of return, PatronArt will cover the shipping and you will receive a shipping label that you can take to UPS for shipment back to the artist. Damaged paintings will not be accepted for returns. For your protection, remember to take a photo of the artwork before you ship it!

    2. Commissioned artwork:
      PatronArt does not allow returns on commissioned custom work. However, we do allow you to ship your commissioned painting back to the artist for additional tweaks within a 14 day period. In those rare cases, you may be responsible for the shipping costs both to and from the artist.

  11. Can I cancel an order before shipment?

    If the work is pre-made, and not commissioned, then yes. Please contact with your order details, and we will help you cancel the order. If the artist has already shipped the work, once it arrives we will send you a shipping label, and you will be responsible for sending the work back to the artist.

  12. Can I get help choosing a work that is right for me?

    Yes! PatronArt has a helpful curatorial staff that can guide you through the art buying process with advice and suggestions! To get in contact with a curator, please email with any ideas of what you’re looking for, and we will contact you shortly!

  13. Can I search for local artists in my area?

    As we are still currently working on a location search for artists on our site, please feel free to email and we can provide you with a list of artists in your area!