Eva Volf

Cleveland, OH
I paint the Sea. My love of the Ocean flows deeply from childhood memories, renewed with every breaking wave and cleansing salty splash. Inspired by the majesty of the seas and beaches of the world, I channel my emotions of tranquility and fulfillment to the viewer through oil on canvas. Conceptualized at the source, each seascape is sketched at the beach to capture the vision before completion in the studio. The Ocean contains the wisdom of life in its intricate foam patterns and secretive depths; its infinitely changing character is a useful metaphor to keep life in perspective. I hope that my works elevate the spirit of whomever views them. I am an exhibiting member of the Hudson Society of Artists, Cleveland West Art League and Oil Painters of America. My paintings have been in various exhibitions, including 8 one-woman shows, won awards (including Best of Show) and are in numerous private, corporate and several public collections in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.
Commission Art from Eva Volf
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Black and White Ocean Scenes
Approx $800
Time Does not Exist 48x24" Stormfront 60x30" All Alone with the Memories 36x24" Take Nothing for Granted
Seascapes/ I paint the sea
Approx $650
Living, Being and Breathing Where I Come From Light Breaking Through New Horizon
Large underwater scenes
Approx $700
Be Still and Breathe Abyss The Ocean Within The Sound of Silence