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Example portrait painting in oil
Example portrait painting in acrylic


Characteristics: The closest to oil, acrylic is a great medium for vibrant to muted color and any visual style. Normally a little lower in price then oils, acrylic is affordable for anyone! With a faster drying time, acrylic will be ready sooner than an oil painting, with the only visual difference in the richness and deepness of colors.

Recommendation: Acrylic, like oil, is perfect for any subject from portraits and pets, to landscapes or abstract. It is more suited for medium to large size commissions but some artists can do smaller size paintings with acrylic. One of acrylic’s greatest benefits is a faster drying time than oils.

Price Range: $250 - $1000+

Example landscape painting in watercolor

Watercolor & Ink

Characteristics: Watercolor is a luminous medium that uses its transparency to create a lovely vibrancy. Done on paper, watercolor will have a flatter texture then oil or acrylic. With a more affordable pricing then oil or acrylic, watercolor is great for a first commission.

Recommendation: Great for landscapes or pet portraits, watercolor can be finished quickly depending on the artist. We recommend watercolor for small to medium size commissions and it will need to be framed in glass for long term preservation.

Price Range: $100 - $800

Example portrait painting in charcoal

Pencil, Charcoal. & Pastel

Characteristics: Pencil and Charcoal are both black and white, with flat texture, and are good for high contrast portraits looking to elicit a dramatic feeling. Pastel is a highly textured material with a wide color spectrum and a matte finish. All three of these options are can be very affordable to any customer and are great for a first commission.

Recommendation: Pencil and Charcoal are good for portraits of both people and pets, with smaller to medium size commissions recommended. Pastel is great for pet portraits or landscapes with small to medium size commissions recommended. All three have a quicker completion time then oil or acrylic and framing in glass is a must for all of these mediums as they are prone to smudging.

Price Range: $50 - $350

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Anything is possible in your painting! Maybe you want your subject wearing a different sweater, or sitting in front of a different background? Simply include an image of the new sweater or new background and your artist can make it happen. Include sample images that could help guide your artist.

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