Q+A: Zach Bowman

Zach’s incredible watercolor paintings reflect his fascination with light and color.

How would you describe your style?

My style has much to do with my obsession with light and color. Everything I create reflects my fascination with light (in a physical, symbolic and spiritual sense). I believe that color is a mechanism for expressing the intensity of one’s internal light/ connection to light. By using more vibrant colors and deeper contrasts, I am able to create a sense of drama and express something metaphysical. 

What subjects do you enjoy working on?

I love anything that involves culture, mythology, or everyday living.

What medium(s) do you work in?

I specialize in watercolor, Prismacolor, and oil painting. 

How has your process evolved?

I have started to use raw umber in my under-paintings as a way to allow internal warm tones to show through the proceeding glaze layers. 

What got you started creating art?

I was raised by an artist mother and exposed to hundreds of artists all my life in her art classes. 

What artists influence your work?

I can’t say I resemble them directly, but I love John Singer Sargent, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, the Post-Raphaelites, and Vermeer.

"Everything I create reflects my fascination with light."

Zach Bowman, PatronArt Artist Tweet

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