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Q+A: James Simon

James’ love of High Renaissance art shows in his richly detailed pen and ink drawings—even if the subject matter is a little more contemporary.

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Q+A: Mara Stone

Take a trip back in time with Mara Stone. Her love affair with all things vintage surfaces in stark painting of Golden Age film stars, rock ‘n roll legends, and pinup girls.

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Q+A: Dustin Adamson

Classical meets contemporary in the works of Dustin Adamson. The artist uses rich layers of homemade oil paint to create somber portraits of figures in deep reflection.

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Q+A: Len Sodenkamp

Len joins us from Boise, ID, where he paints majestic landscapes filled with purple mountain’s majesty, soaring eagles, and breathtaking aerial views.

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Q+A: Carrie Goller

From her picturesque studio in Port Ludlow, WA, Carrie Goller paints sprightly birds and curious farm animals in rich colors. Her light-hearted creature paintings and playful spirit inspire us year round.

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Q+A: David Joyner

David Joyner likes his wildlife in bold, primary colors. The vibrant reds, blues, and yellows of his textured acrylic paintings will jump right off the canvas and into your living room.

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Q+A: Alex Chavez

Alex Chavez hails from Taos, NM, where he works exclusively with oil paints on canvas and wood. His lush, expressionistic portraits are perfect for a portrait of a loved one.

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