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Q+A: Laurence Cheatham

Laurence “Sketch” Cheatham is a self-taught portrait artist who fuses contemporary art with classic by painting his daughter into beloved masterpieces.

Q+A: Sandra Villalobos

Sandra Villalobos creates fantastical portraits with pops of watercolor paint and refined details in ink and colored pencil.

Q+A: Caleb Davis

Caleb Davis uses mixed media and a sense of adventure to create paintings reminiscent of the great Abstract Expressionists.

Q+A: Joanna Marie Johnson

Joanna Marie Johnson’s striking fantasy portraits of are full of bright colors, furry creatures, and intricate patterns.

Q+A: Tammy Liu-Haller

Self-taught pencil artist Tammy Liu-Haller creates highly detailed drawings of pets, wildlife, and landscapes.

Q+A: Hilarie Couture

Portrait artist Hilarie Couture uses colorful, impressionistic brushstrokes to bring her subject’s essence to life.

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