Q+A: Katie Hofacker

Mixed Media artist Katie Hofacker creates surreal collages inspired by childhood dreams of circus performers, carnivals, and ferris wheels. 

How would you describe your style?

My style always ends up a bit on the surreal side, although I never really intend for that to happen. People have also described my work as whimsical but dark at the same time. My work also has a vintage feel to it, as many of the images that I use to create my work come from long ago. 

What subjects do you enjoy working on?

I always wanted to join the circus when I was little, so that comes out in my work still today. Carnivals, ferris wheels, circus tents, even actual circus performers such as Zelda Borden have appeared in my work. I also love using trees in my imagery. Most of my work has a tree in it here and there, and using very tall trees with a treehouse in it is another favorite subject matter of mine. Skulls are another theme that pops up over and over again in my work, but I try not to go too heavy on those. People either seem to love them or be put off by them with no middle area. 

What medium(s) do you work in?

Primarily, I work with photo transfers (think collage but no paper, just the ink of the photo left behind) and acrylic paint. But I also use Sharpie, spray paint, stencils, oil pastel, and tissue paper. I am a true mixed media artist, which I love because any time I start to feel bored I can learn a new technique and add it to my process. My work is created on a canvas, and then a layer of resin is added to the top once it is finished. 

How has your process evolved?

The main way my process has evolved is that I have narrowed my focus to a few themes that I really enjoy, and I keep trying to push the boundaries with those themes. For example, what twist can I add to my next treehouse or skull? I would also say that my technique has improved over the years. Layering my transfers has gotten much better, as well as my ability to do large scale transfers. Finally, my repertoire has expanded to include many different mediums, which I feel makes my work more interesting to look at. 

What got you started creating art?

I started creating art when I was about six years old. My mom is a painter, and she always encouraged me creatively. I am also an only child and grew up in the country with no other kids nearby. I would spend hours drawing and never tire of it. 

What artists influence your work?

My favorite artist is Julien Pacaud, a french digital collage artist. I also really like Wayne White and Suzy Scarborough. 

"I always wanted to join the circus when I was little... Carnivals, ferris wheels, circus tents, even actual circus performers such as Zelda Borden have appeared in my work."

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