Hiroshi Hayakawa

Hiroshi Hayakawa’s lovely figurative works are finely crafted, just like his first artistic love—paper origami.

How would you describe your style?

I work in many mediums, so it’s kind of hard to summarize my style, but if I had to pick a word, it would be “realism.” I have special appreciation and strong love for art that’s deeply rooted in realism. Sometimes I do make abstract marks with my art, but that only functions as a secondary element. My core has always been realism.

What subjects do you enjoy working on?

Figurative works. The human body has always fascinated me. Also, it is the very foundation of all art and design; that hasn’t changed and will never change throughout our history.

What medium(s) do you work in?

Alternative photographic processes, drawing (graphite, charcoal, pastels), painting (oil, watercolor), kinetic sculptures, and paper crafts.

How has your process evolved?

I love learning new processes and techniques. My process evolves by trying something I am not familiar with and learning from mistakes.

What got you started creating art?

Origami how-to books when I was small. They got me hooked because they made me realize that I could actually make something artistic using my hands, and it was exciting and addictive.

What artists influence your work?

There are too many of them to name. I have a different list of artists who influenced me for each medium I use. Generally speaking, I get influenced by artists who challenge themselves by pushing the potential of their mediums, both in concept and execution. 

"I have special appreciation and strong love for art that's deeply rooted in realism."

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