Q+A: Caleb Davis

Caleb Davis uses mixed media and a sense of adventure to create paintings reminiscent of the great Abstract Expressionists.

How would you describe your style?

I paint in many styles. But my style, who I am at my core and what made me, is Abstract Expressionism and Post Expressionism. Before I knew what these styles were, or that they even existed, I painted color, shape, and line in an attempt to create a lively and interesting environment on the canvas. It didn’t take me long to find the Gods of abstract and to go down the rabbit hole of art history.

What subjects do you enjoy working on?

Everything is game, and that’s what makes painting so amazing. I often will start my abstractions based off a few curves of a antique door handle or a study of a messy desk… etc. I enjoy painting sunsets and sunflowers as well. They both play well into the mind of someone that naturally paints with an abstract mindset. But, truly… everything. 

What medium(s) do you work in?

Mixed media. I work with charcoal, pastels, acrylic paint and oil paint. My paintings could contain one or any combination of these.

How has your process evolved?

I’ve always been brave as a painter. I don’t believe in mistakes. Mistakes are new opportunities. That being said, I guess years of daily painting has given me the ability to paint in more styles, as well as with a better sense of a color. I’ve also learned that sitting and studying between a series of moves makes for better composition in the end.

What got you started creating art?

It’s a life long love affair. I always drew pictures and doodled abstractions as a boy and enjoyed art class. My mother was a photographer, and I had access to equipment to tinker with. I went to art school at The Art Institute Of Pittsburgh and then kind of lost my way and tried to write novels for the next 15 years. I came back to painting full-time in 2016 the day I found out my brother died and I have painted almost everyday since.

What artists influence your work?

Richard Diebenkorn is my number one love. His work moves me like no other’s. Hans Hofmann is another painter that has taught me a lot. Cezanne, David Smith, Helen Frankenthaler, De Kooning…these are a handful of my favorites. 

"I’ve always been brave as a painter. I don’t believe in mistakes. Mistakes are new opportunities."

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