Anthony C. Fletcher

Anthony (or Artoni, as the imaginative artist is called), paints bright portraits that turn musical notes into works of art.

How would you describe your style?

My style is a type of Surrealistic Impressionism. I intentionally incorporate portraiture, landscape, symbolism, spirituality, and indigenous colors to create visual melodies. I understand the dynamics of color theory and how certain colors correspond to musical notes and I apply those principles throughout.

What subjects do you enjoy working on?

I enjoy creating Legacy Portraits to remember or honor family. I enjoy realizing visual narratives for abstract ideas, especially for music. I really enjoy the challenge of creating dynamic character properties; Intellectual Properties(IP) based on spiritual concepts & designed to elevate and inspire youth.

What medium(s) do you work in?

I work in oils on canvas/linen, acrylic, pen and ink, colored pencil, and ebony pencil on Strathmore paper or board. I also create digital art with a Wacom tablet and Adobe CS.

How has your process evolved?

With each creation, my process improves and adapts based on the use, client, subject, concept, and style of execution. Many times what emerges is a new style, a new discovery that excites my creative juices. Sometimes I use digital tools for idea development, but for me, the greatest fulfillment still comes from physically applying paint to canvas and creating that truly one-of-a-kind, original work of art.

What got you started creating art?

My elementary school art teacher Ms. Marie Goss (R.I.P.) convinced my parents to allow me to participate in professional life-drawing classes with adults at a professional art museum school in the affluent section of my hometown. She recognized my universal artistic spirit and exposed me to art museums, African art, and so, so much more. My Dad indirectly worked as a photo journalist documenting life in the inner city. He taught me how to use a camera and to process film. We actually had a photo processing darkroom in the basement next to the washer and dryer in our family home.

What artists influence your work?

Early on was the amazing Salvador Dali, the magnificent Hieronymus Bosch, the master visionary Abdul Mati Klarwein, the great Rudolf Hausner, Norman Rockwell, and lately the amazing Mola fabric art of the Kuna Indians of the Republic of Panama. Musicians also are a huge influence in my art: The music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66, Dori Caymmi, George Duke, Herbie Hancock, The Jackson 5 (Michael Jackson), Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Maurice White, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Quincy Jones.

"For me, the greatest fulfillment still comes from physically applying paint to canvas and creating that truly one-of-a-kind, original work of art."

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