"An American Eagle" by Jorge Vales

"An American Eagle"


Size: 36" high by 36" wide


An eagle in front of an American flag is one of the first things I painted when I was a child. I wanted to remake it in a modern fashion with my abstract spin. I like painting animals with blue eyes. It's becoming my signature trademark. This is a 36" x 36" x 3" acrylic on canvas. It has glitter and coffee grounds as the texture aspect.


Jorge Vales
Columbus , OH

Hello! I'm Jorge Vales, from Mexico, living in Columbus Ohio. I'm 26 years old. Im a bit of a chef and I'm definitely an artist. I've known I was an artist since I was a child. I began doing constant work late 2014, I started painting animals as opposed to traditional escapes or fruit bowls. It was a really cool thing when I liked painting and I realized I should put more effort into it and see what happens. Now I make art out of anything, from anything, intuitively, passionately, fiercely, bold and risky. I am confident in what I do, I have made a lot in the past couple of years and there is more to-go. I'm getting more into painting animals, mostly some exotic ones that aren't commonly spoken of. I have been known mostly for my owls, the eyes are the focus point and they are my favorite part to make. I want to paint all the animals, I love painting peoples pets as well, painting dogs is my favorite. Painting objects is a new thing I branched into, TVs, Lamps, computer screens, etc. I aim to recycle a broken of plain object and bring it back to life. I have new hopes to make art all around the world and have that be a way to make a living. I have many ideas every day.