"We're on a mission to make original and commissioned art accessible to everyone, and help independent artists thrive.” - Loke, PatronArt Founder

About Us

We believe that art is important and that artists matter. That’s why we’ve built PatronArt with the success of independent artists at our core. Shaped by conversations with hundreds of artists, and countless thought leaders from the art community, PatronArt was built to connect talented artists with passionate art buyers, and make original art accessible to everyone. We invite you to join the movement and help hard-working artists thrive by purchasing original art.

Founding Story

Frustrated by a lack of online options when seeking a painting of his late grandfather, Loke dug into the market. While the online art market has exploded to $3.7B in 2016, no one has solved online commissions. More than that, few are trying, and no one is attacking the problem in a way that benefits independent artists. Until PatronArt that is!

Our Personal Curators

Ralph Walters

Head Curator

Ralph Walters has been working as a professional artist for 25 years and has been curating gallery events in Columbus and across the U.S. for 10. Ralph's passion and creativity are driven by a lifelong love of art and the need to create it.

Zach Cooke

Associate Curator

Zach was President of the Future Art Managers and Entrepreneurs Club during his time as an arts management student in The Ohio Arts University and has worked at various art organizations in Columbus, including the Urban Arts Space and the Ohio Arts Council.

Seda Altinyuva

Associate Curator

Seda brings over 14 years of marketing, sales, and customer relationship experience to facilitate meaningful interactions between artists and art lovers. She enjoys traveling, good food, fine wine, and meeting people from all over the world.