Dennis Rano

Westerville, OH
Dennis Rano, a painter based in Westerville, Ohio, can often be found working on commissions. Finding inspiration in bringing both his clients visions to life as well as realizing his own more abstract concepts, he prefers focused engagement with his pieces. He spends time studying his subjects either in person or through photographs before settling into a process of revision and perfection. Dennis received early childhood training from CCAD, eventually attending the college on a four-year scholarship. Before declaring Columbus as his home, he lived for 16 years in New York. While there, he worked with The Art Student League, and the Salmagundi Art Club. Influenced by an array of fine arts masters, from Michelangelo to Picasso, he allows himself to freely explore a multitude of styles in his paintings. He hopes to continue delivering meaningful, personalized work to his patrons while also pursuing his own artistic curiosities. Commission Art from Dennis Rano